Tips for Selling Comic Books


The comic industry has re-awakened in the last decade as a result of the production of remarkable new television programs and movies based on some comic book series. With the increase in popularity of comic books, so has their value increased. Here, we will discuss various ways in which any comic book enthusiast can identify valuable comics and how they can make extra cash from them. Where do you begin when you want to sell your comic books?


Know exactly where to go

You have two choices here: online or offline. If you can, try selling them in the real world. This way, people can see the condition in which your comic books are, and you will not be risking anything. Start with your local comic store. Most stock back issues and may be interested in what you already have to add to their collection. You can also turn to online sites such as eBay although you may be risking disappointment here. Some online stores such as Stanley Gibbons are also a great place to look at.

I remember when I was looking for my truck driver job, I send several of my truck driver resumes online. People discouraged me that I would be scammed but I ended up landing a very good job from one of the companies I had applied to online. So don’t be afraid to use online platforms to sell your comics, you may land a great client who will offer you awesome prices.

Take own photos

Often, people selling their comic books will turn to google for pictures. While the large collection is tempting, if you want buyers to take you seriously, more so when selling online, ensure you take your own photos. This means they are able to see exactly what you are selling and the condition they are in.

Give correct descriptions

To let your buyers know exactly what it is you are selling, give them the right descriptions. The right descriptions will enable buyers identify their favorite creators and also know that you have actually invested in them and not simply buying them and selling in bulk.

If you are selling on a bidding site, you will be given a specific number of characters in the heading that describe the comic, so be straight to the point to draw people’s attention. Be very careful with the spelling as well.

Separate the costly ones


Carry out some research and make two different piles of comics. The least expensive ones and the more costly ones. You might be surprised by how much worth your collection is! I was surprised that one of the ninja turtles comics I was selling at $3.50 was actually $45. What a huge difference!

Think about a job lot

There is no specific situation, but if you are searching for a way to get some quick money or you’re looking to create space fast, a job lot may be ideal.
This may mean selling a whole run of a title altogether, or maybe each issue you have ever purchased.

You could get anything from $50 for an entire title, or $350 for everything. But it could go either way if you don’t mind haggling.

Collecting comic books can be such a great hobby. Just be sure not all the books you collect will appreciate in value, but you can always feel great knowing you have a wonderful story to read.

The Best Apps You Need To Download On Your Smartphone

Beauty Apps

Beauty just got even better! We just found the easiest way you can organize your lipsticks, book an appointment with your hair stylist and much more.


This app takes skincare to another level, offering dermatologist appointments through your phone virtually. After you have selected your preferred dermatologist through the app, users of the app can share their skin issues, photos and information via the app.

Whether you are suffering from acne or any other skin related rash, you can share photos or details about your condition immediately via the app. You receive a personalized skincare treatment plan and prescriptions within 24 hours if necessary. This virtual skincare consultation treatment plan can be assessed for $40 for people who would wish to skip a visit to their dermatologist.


When you upload your selfie, Visada analyzes your picture to create a customized comprehensive beauty profile. This app analyses your skin and eye care routine, giving you suggestions on how to enhance your beauty regime. For makeup and hair, the app provides product suggestions in given colors and shaded help you improve your beauty regime.

Beauty Apps

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

L’Oreal Makeup Genius app is taking all beauty lovers by storm. Now you don’t have to go visiting drugstores or makeup counters to try countless lipsticks of different shades! This app comes with a real time camera that lets you try different beauty products or shades all virtually! The camera functions as a mirror and lets you sample out different looks, letting you see the makeup on your face as you move. With this app, you can try different looks from cat eyes to pink blush.

With the help of your smartphones front camera, the app scans different point on the face to swipe perfectly on lipstick, eye shadow, lipstick and liner. Since it happens in real time, you can try testing each look at different angles, which is great!

Think Dirty

Before you start thinking otherwise, this app helps you determine how toxic your beauty products are. This is super idea, right? Because in most beauty products, finding the ingredient list is arduous.simply scan a products bar code or search the database by the name of the product. On a dirty meter, this app ranks its ingredients on a scale of one to ten while offering you better alternatives. Their library of ingredients isn’t extensive, but one can submit products that have not been reviewed for consideration.


According to a poll by, over 30% of women have so many beauty products to count in their makeup bag. This is where this app comes in. It keeps track of all your beauty care products as well as hair care products. It stores information such as when you bought an item and its quantity, then will anticipate when you are almost running low. It send you a reminder to replace or refill and you can buy or replace in the app through retailers such as Walmart and Sephora. And what more, this app pulls up coverage from over 30 magazines so you don’t have to miss out on any product review.

These modern day technology beauty apps make life easier for ladies. Every woman must have at least one of these!

Should You Buy A Smart Phone?


SmartphonesBefore you give me an answer for this, go ahead and read the entire article. If you own a smart phone or are thinking of getting one, then you will definitely find this useful.

Cost Vs. Benefits

As much as you can afford to buy a smart phone, is it worth to spend over $100 a month for a data plan? Let’s put it this way. If you bought a smart phone 5 years ago, by this time, you will have spent over $6000 just to make use of it. I can think of so many useful ways I can spend that money on such as vacations or other worth experiences. But what are the benefits of this devices?


A lot of people argue that a smart phone is a great tool for connectivity. Connection to the internet, friends and family anywhere they are located. But the thing is, if you are poor at connecting with people whom you are with physically, chances are that a smart phone will not help improve this problem with people who are not even near you. I have realized that some of my friends and will completely shut out in the middle of a conversation and get immersed on their phone screen. When you do not own a smartphone yourself, you will easily notice this behavior. And if you had a smartphone, you would probably ignore the people you are with.


Interactive maps are some of the most used smart phone features, but when my friends realize I do not have a GPS on my phone or in the car, they often wonder how I find my way around. Well, the truth is that before such devices, people clearly got along so well. The streets were not full of people wandering with no sense of direction! People were not driving thousands of miles when attempting to travel for 100 mile to the bus station.

And if I really need to use a map, well…printed maps are still available and I actually own one. Research shows that the more people become dependent on GPS, the more they lose their inborn sense of direction. This becomes such a problem when one misplaces their purse or phone.


Smart phones are a great devices that contain most of your personal information you wouldn’t want everyone out there to know. You need to come up with a plan for when you lose your phone. Since security threats are always coming up and changing with technology innovations, you should invest energy and time to protect against theft.

Some people may argue that a smart phone does improve one’s physical security because of all the information that’s at your fingertips. In addition, one can use it as a flashlight if they got lost in the dark.

Sometimes, I get why smartphones are so popular. Wherever you are; at a boring party, in a meeting that bores you or even at home lonely, you can actually make use of your phone to be somewhere else. You can access the entire internet anytime you feel like it.

As much as this may sound liberating, it can be addictive to some people. For me, it would really interfere with my ability to be productive as I may lack the discipline to control how much I use it. For those with no addictive problems, well more power to you!

The Simplest Way To Mount A USB Drive On Linux

a family using linux osI’m a tech junkie and I love to help you out when I can. So most people keep wondering how

they can access data from the USB drives after they have attached them on their computers

that run on Linux operating system. So how do you mount a USB drive on Linux successfully?

Well, you really don’t have to be a computer geek to do this. My friend who isn’t a computer

geek easily does this while she is vacuuming her hardwood floors at the same time! She even tells me she can do it while grinding herbs in her kitchen…Talk of multi-tasking!

Anyway, let’s get to the point. In Linux, devices do not mount themselves into the system. You

will have to create a mount point and then mount your external USB device at that particular

mount point.


 Establish the name Linux has given to your external USB drive. After you have known the

name, then the process is just a single command

 Attach your USB drive to either of the ports in your computer. After you have done that,

check out in/dev. This is where Linux gives names to various drives to establish your

external drive.

 To do so, you will have to type the command df found on the terminal window. This

shows you all the drives that are in the system together with the memory space

available. However, you should be able to tell the disk space that’s preset in you UDB

drive. If you already know this, you should quickly be able to know what device

represents your USB drive. Generally, it’s usually located at /dev/sda1.

 After you are through with this, the next step is creating a mount point. The command

that will help you navigate this is mkdir /mnt/usbdevice.

 You will then need to mount the USB at the mount point. This can be done with this

command; mount /mnt/usbdevice /dev/sda1.

 I’m hoping that your USB device is at this location: location /dev/sda1 and that you

logged in as a root user. Anytime you need to access files in your USB, you can do so by

going to the /mnt/usbdevice folder.

 After you are through with accessing the device, to easily and safely unmount your

device, type the following command: umount /mnt/usbdevice.

Would you like to permanently mount a USB drive on Linux? Here is how

This is important so that you don’t have to keep using the command every time you boot up

your computer. To be able to do so, we will just use the above example now that your device

can be recognized by Linux at location /dev/sda1. To permanently mount it on Linux, you will

need to edit the /etc/fstab file. You will need to simply type the command: vi/etc/fstab where

the command prompts are located. Where there is a last line on the file, type this line:

/dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdevice ext3 defaults 0 0

/dev/sda1 shows the device to be mounted and /mnt/usbdevice is the mount point. Thus the

ext3 will stand for the file system type so that Linux makes use of the same options to the USB

device that it does in cases of other drives. The 4th option is usually set to default. The two

zeros that appear at the end show whether the USB device requires any form of back up with

the use of backup utility. For most computers, you will realize that the USB is situated at:

/dev/sda1, but if you are using a more recent machine that has SATA or SCSI drive, the drive

may be located at /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc. Still, you can always search for it with the df command.

I hope I have answered one of the most common yet simple questions on Linux.

Looking For A File In Linux? Here Are Some Commands That Come In Handy

linux file system

linux file systemIf you are familiar with Linux, finding a file can be a breeze. But for the not so familiar Linux user, it may be quite challenging to find a file you are searching for. The Linux operating system is known to have features that protect the computer. However, this is only for the new user and over time one can easily master those features. Here are some commands that will come in handy when you want to open files and cannot seem to find them.
-depth: This is a command that is mainly used in processing contents in a directory before the directory itself.
-name: If you are looking for files that begin with a specific set of characters, then this is the command that is most appropriate. For instance, if you are looking for files that are saved as best leave in conditioners then this is the best command to use. Learn more about best leave in conditioners for curly hair here.
-user: When using this command you can you can specify the username of that person who owns the file.
-atime n: You can use this command if you can remember the last time you accessed the file you want to open.
-mount: This is a search limited command to the directory that has been specified. It never goes beyond the specified directories.
-nogroup: This is a command used in searching for files that do not belong to any group.
The locate command
This command is mainly used in listing files in a database. It can also be used with several arguments.
-d path or –database=path: Rather than looking for files in a default database. It searches for them in the database paths that have been listed together with this parameter. If there are unlike database file names, they can be specified with this command by isolating them with a “:” sign.
-e or –existing: With this command, you can isolate to identify just those file names that were in existence during the creation of the database. It does not identify those files that can be found in the database but those that are no longer in existence.
-I or –ignore: This argument is mainly used to assume case sensitivity since if not assumed all the searches will be case sensitive.
–help: The command is used in showing the syntax.
The whereis command
This is the command used for searching for various types of files. With the use of arguments that are different, you can be able to specify if the file you are looking for is source, binary, etc.
-b: This argument is usually specified to indicate that one only wants to search for binary files.
-M: This argument can be used in limiting the areas to be searched by the command for sections that are manual.
-S: This argument can help you in mentioning the specific areas to look for a file.
The whichis command
This is one of the simplest commands which are mainly used in searching for other types of commands. That is, those files that have been stored as commands. The syntax which helps in locating the file you are searching for.
Well, we cannot exhaust all the commands that can help you locate a file on a Linux, but we sure have given you the best and easy to use commands especially if you are new on Linux.

Should you hire a Linux system administrator to manage your systems?-Learn more:

linuxComputers have tremendously advanced over the past 10 years and for this reason, it is worth changing to Linux operating systems for you computers throughout your organization. There is also advancement in video and audio, which has settled into a great area of ideal pricing and awesome capabilities. Graphics have also jumped into the future with TV/HD adapters and monitors currently replacing televisions. For this reason, even bigger organizations are not left behind; they are making good use of this technology to remain competitive in the market. However, if you are not in a position to handle the technology effectively, it will be better if you hire a Linux system administrator.

Advantages of Linux operating system

1. Costs

Companies have started to go for Linux mainly because of the cost. Linux is extremely cheap compared to other operating systems such as Microsoft windows and Apple Mac OS. In fact, it is a free operating system that is distributed under an open source license. You company can get numerous benefits of Linux without investing any money on it. Whether your company deals with trucks or any other thing, you really need to utilize this awesome system. Maybe your employees in the administration, customer service, accounting, or any other department are willing to change their line of work to truck driving. With this system, you will be able to compute more information on truck driver’s salary so that they can make a more informed decision. Also, for those who are interested in truck driving, you can also be able to educate them on how to write a truck driving resume.

2. Security from virus

You would obviously want your systems to remain secure from viruses. With this operating system, you are able to create a stronger and secure system. Moreover, you do not need to pay for security features since they come for free and the system is rarely affected by viruses. Even if someone manages to create a virus for Linux, the fact that this system is an open source makes it easy to make modifications to reverse the effect of the virus on Linux. Besides, with Linux administrator, he will be able to get rid of the virus as soon as possible.

3. Ease of use

Its ease of use makes it possible for programmers and users to create different software for Linux with ease. Besides, a piece meant for Linux can have more than one functions and tools than its complement on other operating systems.

Why hire a Linux system administrator?

A Linux administrator will be of great help to your company, especially when you create an entire computer system based on this language for your company. He is going to fulfill some crucial duties in your company.

He is going to be responsible for maintaining your systems and he will also perform all the maintenance tasks that are necessary including monitoring your system for errors as well as performance issues.


Backups are very crucial since there is no guarantee that any system in the world is 100% free from crashes. For this reason, a Linux administrator will be there to ensure your system is regularly backed up so that if there happens to be a crash, you can restore all your data with ease.

He will ensure that all applications connected to the system are performing as required. He can be able to detect any flaws in the connections between computer applications and the system that can reduce the efficiency of your entire system.

These administrators are responsible for maintaining and creating all necessary documentation concerning your computer systems. For example, if your systems are upgraded, your documentation also needs to be updated.

I personally believe that there are more good reasons to try hiring Linux administrators to make sure that the system fits your organization computing style. Moreover, using Linux operating system is more fun and the cutting edge as well.

Benefits of Linux operating system on small businesses:

linux 2Linux is well known for its impressive stability and reliability and for this reason; it is depended upon by both small and big companies from all over the world. In this light, it is not a surprise to see huge government bodies using this awesome server. While it makes sense to use Linux and its expertise, the cost of installation and subsequent configuration is also friendly making it ideal for small businesses and the can benefit from it. Moreover, Linux is inexpensive since no license fees need to be paid.

Small businesses globally have accrued many benefits from the efficient use of this Linux web hosting where it has really improved their visibility all over the world. Via the internet, something can easily become famous since it is viewed by everybody from all over the world. Introduction of Linux in the business world has promoted the names of small business across the globe giving them larger market share where they get numerous customers from different countries in the world. It is fast and you can even get time to relax and get away from work. The best way to take a break is to go camping. The best way to survive and enjoy being in the wild is carrying a good hunting knife. This way you will enjoy making fresh food in the wild. However, even as you eat you need to understand a good sleep is also crucial and so you need to carry a backpacking tent to protect yourself from animals, rain, and cold. Even if you are taking a break from work, you still need a comfortable vacation.


The fact that no license needs to be paid means that small businesses with limited capital might use Linux as their economical option. It is not so hard for Linux operating systems administration experts to create frameworks that are less expensive when compared to commercial equivalents.

Custom solutions

The requirements of your business primarily depend upon the type of business that you run. Linux environments can be modified to meet your specific requirements. This allows small businesses build bridges and respond to changes in circumstances, easily, quickly, and cost effectively. With Linux, all this is possible but what every small business need is to first and foremost find a competent Linux operating system administrator who can be able to make it happen.

Linux support

From performance issues to Linux administration, and from back-up to fault-tolerance, many businesses will call upon Linux support professionals for help. Both big and small business can benefit by calling the support of Linux to configure, monitor, administer, and manage their systems. This cost may be daunting for small businesses but is still possible for them to have professional Linux support at hand which can be able to provide essential advice and the required assistance. Small businesses can attain practical strategy that meets your business demands. In fact, you can benefit from this, much more than you can imagine.

Linux services have tried to provide technical support across the world and many businesses have expanded in a short time as a result of the quality and efficient technology that is provided by Linux. This is great because if it weren’t for Linux, big businesses will be the only one’s booming. There is also provision cost effective web development and costs have been minimized to enable every small business attain normal profits with others attaining super-normal profits.

Top 6 Web Browsers For Linux OS

web browsers

web browsersLinux was launched in 1991 and it immediately caught the attention of all the people in the software industry. I remember back then, my friend and I had just completed our college and we were looking for a job. I used to walk around carrying copies of my administrative assistant resumes and he always carried samples of his cna resumes. That was then when Linux was being launched and there was a lot of hype about it. What then is Linux? Linux is a very simple operating system that is similar to Unix. It is a favorite among ‘power users’ because the OS runs smoothly with very little glitches.
It’s no surprise that many developers have a keen interest in creating software for this platform. There have been so many web browsers for Linux users to choose from. Check out some of the most popular and good web browsers for Linux.


This dominates over all other windows web browsers, and it has taken the competition for other web browsers to a different level. This is the fastest web browser available on the platform. Its features like tab browsing, an option for syncing with other chrome browsers on different devices and a very responsive support, make it a favorite among many Linux consumers.


This is one of the oldest web browsers for the platform with a very huge and committed user base. Actually, a lot of Linux versions begin with Firefox on board as their default web browser. Its open sourced and it creates a framework for other web browsers to build upon, and release with other names.


Just as the name suggests, konqueror has been able to conquer most other Linux based web browsers. It depends on multiple rendering engines for it to operate fully. It comes with KHTML as a default setting but you can opt to download a separate Webkit version.


It is one of the most stable browsers on the Linux platform and also the most polished browsers around. It has many unique features such as search shortcuts, quick dial and trash can which enhance the user experience. Updating it regularly ensures that bugs are fixed immediately they appear.


One of the fastest browsers available for Linux operating system. It’s a very light browser and loads most websites very fast. Midori is a very simple WebKit-based browser. It does not come with lots of goodies such as extensions or plug-ins or any options of changing the feel and appearance of the browser.


This is a brilliant cross-platform browser that is very light but extremely fast. It very well built and it handles all its tasks very easily. Although it’s still being tested, its performance is beyond most other browsers on this platform.
Linux, which was once seen as a dead platform, has experienced a sudden upsurge in its user base with a lot of people going for it. This is quite true especially to businesses and corporate businesses that Prefer Linux OS over all other OSes because of its security features. This is bound to increase the number of applications and other software that will be developed to serve it. Indeed, it seems like brighter days are rising for the friendly penguin!

Linux Operating System is the Best

linux 2The Linux operating system has for a long time been in the race of technology and it has now become the most popular computing language of programmers from all over the world. Even big organizations are using computer systems that are based on Linux to meet their requirements.

In simple terms, Linux operating system is the software on a computer that enables applications as well as computer operator to access the devices available on a computer in performing the desired functions. It is an open source since its source code is available for free.

Components of Linux operating system
This system has primarily 3 components namely:
• System library
• System utility Continue reading