Looking For A File In Linux? Here Are Some Commands That Come In Handy

linux file system

linux file systemIf you are familiar with Linux, finding a file can be a breeze. But for the not so familiar Linux user, it may be quite challenging to find a file you are searching for. The Linux operating system is known to have features that protect the computer. However, this is only for the new user and over time one can easily master those features. Here are some commands that will come in handy when you want to open files and cannot seem to find them.
-depth: This is a command that is mainly used in processing contents in a directory before the directory itself.
-name: If you are looking for files that begin with a specific set of characters, then this is the command that is most appropriate. For instance, if you are looking for files that are saved as best leave in conditioners then this is the best command to use. Learn more about best leave in conditioners for curly hair here.
-user: When using this command you can you can specify the username of that person who owns the file.
-atime n: You can use this command if you can remember the last time you accessed the file you want to open.
-mount: This is a search limited command to the directory that has been specified. It never goes beyond the specified directories.
-nogroup: This is a command used in searching for files that do not belong to any group.
The locate command
This command is mainly used in listing files in a database. It can also be used with several arguments.
-d path or –database=path: Rather than looking for files in a default database. It searches for them in the database paths that have been listed together with this parameter. If there are unlike database file names, they can be specified with this command by isolating them with a “:” sign.
-e or –existing: With this command, you can isolate to identify just those file names that were in existence during the creation of the database. It does not identify those files that can be found in the database but those that are no longer in existence.
-I or –ignore: This argument is mainly used to assume case sensitivity since if not assumed all the searches will be case sensitive.
–help: The command is used in showing the syntax.
The whereis command
This is the command used for searching for various types of files. With the use of arguments that are different, you can be able to specify if the file you are looking for is source, binary, etc.
-b: This argument is usually specified to indicate that one only wants to search for binary files.
-M: This argument can be used in limiting the areas to be searched by the command for sections that are manual.
-S: This argument can help you in mentioning the specific areas to look for a file.
The whichis command
This is one of the simplest commands which are mainly used in searching for other types of commands. That is, those files that have been stored as commands. The syntax which helps in locating the file you are searching for.
Well, we cannot exhaust all the commands that can help you locate a file on a Linux, but we sure have given you the best and easy to use commands especially if you are new on Linux.

Should you hire a Linux system administrator to manage your systems?-Learn more:

linuxComputers have tremendously advanced over the past 10 years and for this reason, it is worth changing to Linux operating systems for you computers throughout your organization. There is also advancement in video and audio, which has settled into a great area of ideal pricing and awesome capabilities. Graphics have also jumped into the future with TV/HD adapters and monitors currently replacing televisions. For this reason, even bigger organizations are not left behind; they are making good use of this technology to remain competitive in the market. However, if you are not in a position to handle the technology effectively, it will be better if you hire a Linux system administrator.

Advantages of Linux operating system

1. Costs

Companies have started to go for Linux mainly because of the cost. Linux is extremely cheap compared to other operating systems such as Microsoft windows and Apple Mac OS. In fact, it is a free operating system that is distributed under an open source license. You company can get numerous benefits of Linux without investing any money on it. Whether your company deals with trucks or any other thing, you really need to utilize this awesome system. Maybe your employees in the administration, customer service, accounting, or any other department are willing to change their line of work to truck driving. With this system, you will be able to compute more information on truck driver’s salary so that they can make a more informed decision. Also, for those who are interested in truck driving, you can also be able to educate them on how to write a truck driving resume.

2. Security from virus

You would obviously want your systems to remain secure from viruses. With this operating system, you are able to create a stronger and secure system. Moreover, you do not need to pay for security features since they come for free and the system is rarely affected by viruses. Even if someone manages to create a virus for Linux, the fact that this system is an open source makes it easy to make modifications to reverse the effect of the virus on Linux. Besides, with Linux administrator, he will be able to get rid of the virus as soon as possible.

3. Ease of use

Its ease of use makes it possible for programmers and users to create different software for Linux with ease. Besides, a piece meant for Linux can have more than one functions and tools than its complement on other operating systems.

Why hire a Linux system administrator?

A Linux administrator will be of great help to your company, especially when you create an entire computer system based on this language for your company. He is going to fulfill some crucial duties in your company.

He is going to be responsible for maintaining your systems and he will also perform all the maintenance tasks that are necessary including monitoring your system for errors as well as performance issues.


Backups are very crucial since there is no guarantee that any system in the world is 100% free from crashes. For this reason, a Linux administrator will be there to ensure your system is regularly backed up so that if there happens to be a crash, you can restore all your data with ease.

He will ensure that all applications connected to the system are performing as required. He can be able to detect any flaws in the connections between computer applications and the system that can reduce the efficiency of your entire system.

These administrators are responsible for maintaining and creating all necessary documentation concerning your computer systems. For example, if your systems are upgraded, your documentation also needs to be updated.

I personally believe that there are more good reasons to try hiring Linux administrators to make sure that the system fits your organization computing style. Moreover, using Linux operating system is more fun and the cutting edge as well.

Top 6 Web Browsers For Linux OS

web browsers

web browsersLinux was launched in 1991 and it immediately caught the attention of all the people in the software industry. I remember back then, my friend and I had just completed our college and we were looking for a job. I used to walk around carrying copies of my administrative assistant resumes and he always carried samples of his cna resumes. That was then when Linux was being launched and there was a lot of hype about it. What then is Linux? Linux is a very simple operating system that is similar to Unix. It is a favorite among ‘power users’ because the OS runs smoothly with very little glitches.
It’s no surprise that many developers have a keen interest in creating software for this platform. There have been so many web browsers for Linux users to choose from. Check out some of the most popular and good web browsers for Linux.


This dominates over all other windows web browsers, and it has taken the competition for other web browsers to a different level. This is the fastest web browser available on the platform. Its features like tab browsing, an option for syncing with other chrome browsers on different devices and a very responsive support, make it a favorite among many Linux consumers.


This is one of the oldest web browsers for the platform with a very huge and committed user base. Actually, a lot of Linux versions begin with Firefox on board as their default web browser. Its open sourced and it creates a framework for other web browsers to build upon, and release with other names.


Just as the name suggests, konqueror has been able to conquer most other Linux based web browsers. It depends on multiple rendering engines for it to operate fully. It comes with KHTML as a default setting but you can opt to download a separate Webkit version.


It is one of the most stable browsers on the Linux platform and also the most polished browsers around. It has many unique features such as search shortcuts, quick dial and trash can which enhance the user experience. Updating it regularly ensures that bugs are fixed immediately they appear.


One of the fastest browsers available for Linux operating system. It’s a very light browser and loads most websites very fast. Midori is a very simple WebKit-based browser. It does not come with lots of goodies such as extensions or plug-ins or any options of changing the feel and appearance of the browser.


This is a brilliant cross-platform browser that is very light but extremely fast. It very well built and it handles all its tasks very easily. Although it’s still being tested, its performance is beyond most other browsers on this platform.
Linux, which was once seen as a dead platform, has experienced a sudden upsurge in its user base with a lot of people going for it. This is quite true especially to businesses and corporate businesses that Prefer Linux OS over all other OSes because of its security features. This is bound to increase the number of applications and other software that will be developed to serve it. Indeed, it seems like brighter days are rising for the friendly penguin!

Linux Operating System is the Best

linux 2The Linux operating system has for a long time been in the race of technology and it has now become the most popular computing language of programmers from all over the world. Even big organizations are using computer systems that are based on Linux to meet their requirements.

In simple terms, Linux operating system is the software on a computer that enables applications as well as computer operator to access the devices available on a computer in performing the desired functions. It is an open source since its source code is available for free.

Components of Linux operating system
This system has primarily 3 components namely:
• System library
• System utility Continue reading