Linux Operating System is the Best

linux 2The Linux operating system has for a long time been in the race of technology and it has now become the most popular computing language of programmers from all over the world. Even big organizations are using computer systems that are based on Linux to meet their requirements.

In simple terms, Linux operating system is the software on a computer that enables applications as well as computer operator to access the devices available on a computer in performing the desired functions. It is an open source since its source code is available for free.

Components of Linux operating system
This system has primarily 3 components namely:
• System library
• System utility

This is the core part of Linux which is responsible for all major activities required in this operating system. It consist various modules and it also interacts directly with the underlying hardware. Kernel offers the needed abstraction to hide low level hardware details to operating programs or the system.

System library
These are special functions or programs of which system utilities or application programs access kernel features. They implement many of Linux operating system functionality and does not need kernel module’s code access rights.

System utility
These programs are responsible for performing specialized individual tasks. System utility usually give users most of the functionalities of operating system.

Kernel mode Vs. User mode
Kernel component code executes in a special privileged mode known as kernel mode with full access to all computer resources. This code usually represents a single process, it executes single address space and does not need any context switch and so it is very fast and efficient. Kernel usually run each process and provides system services to processes. It offers protected access to hardware to process.

Support code that is not needed to run in kernel mode is found in system library. User programs and other systems work in user mode which holds no access to system hardware as well as kernel code. Utilities/user programs use libraries to be able access kernel functions and get low level tasks of the system.

Benefits of using Linux operating system
1. Portability-Linux contains software that can work on diverse hardware in the same way. Linux kernel and application program usually support their installation on any kind of hardware platform.

2. Open source-its source code is available for free and it is a community free development project. Multiple teams usually work together to enhance its capability and its continuous evolution.

3. Multi-user¬-it is a multi-user system which means that many users can access its operating system resources such application programs at the same time.

4. Multiprogramming-with Linux, multiple applications can run at the same time. For this reason, it is a multiprogramming system.

5. Hierarchical file system-it provides a standard file structure in which user files or system files are arranged.

6. Shell-it provides a special interpreter program that you can use in executing commands of the operating system. It can also be used in various operations such as call application programs.

7. Security-it offers user security with the use of authentication features such as password protection, encryption of data, and controlled access to some files.

I strongly believe that Linux operating system is the best. Above all, it is fun and a cutting edge. Just make good use of it and be amongst the happiest technology users in the world.