Should You Buy A Smart Phone?


SmartphonesBefore you give me an answer for this, go ahead and read the entire article. If you own a smart phone or are thinking of getting one, then you will definitely find this useful.

Cost Vs. Benefits

As much as you can afford to buy a smart phone, is it worth to spend over $100 a month for a data plan? Let’s put it this way. If you bought a smart phone 5 years ago, by this time, you will have spent over $6000 just to make use of it. I can think of so many useful ways I can spend that money on such as vacations or other worth experiences. But what are the benefits of this devices?


A lot of people argue that a smart phone is a great tool for connectivity. Connection to the internet, friends and family anywhere they are located. But the thing is, if you are poor at connecting with people whom you are with physically, chances are that a smart phone will not help improve this problem with people who are not even near you. I have realized that some of my friends and will completely shut out in the middle of a conversation and get immersed on their phone screen. When you do not own a smartphone yourself, you will easily notice this behavior. And if you had a smartphone, you would probably ignore the people you are with.


Interactive maps are some of the most used smart phone features, but when my friends realize I do not have a GPS on my phone or in the car, they often wonder how I find my way around. Well, the truth is that before such devices, people clearly got along so well. The streets were not full of people wandering with no sense of direction! People were not driving thousands of miles when attempting to travel for 100 mile to the bus station.

And if I really need to use a map, well…printed maps are still available and I actually own one. Research shows that the more people become dependent on GPS, the more they lose their inborn sense of direction. This becomes such a problem when one misplaces their purse or phone.


Smart phones are a great devices that contain most of your personal information you wouldn’t want everyone out there to know. You need to come up with a plan for when you lose your phone. Since security threats are always coming up and changing with technology innovations, you should invest energy and time to protect against theft.

Some people may argue that a smart phone does improve one’s physical security because of all the information that’s at your fingertips. In addition, one can use it as a flashlight if they got lost in the dark.

Sometimes, I get why smartphones are so popular. Wherever you are; at a boring party, in a meeting that bores you or even at home lonely, you can actually make use of your phone to be somewhere else. You can access the entire internet anytime you feel like it.

As much as this may sound liberating, it can be addictive to some people. For me, it would really interfere with my ability to be productive as I may lack the discipline to control how much I use it. For those with no addictive problems, well more power to you!