The Best Apps You Need To Download On Your Smartphone

Beauty Apps

Beauty just got even better! We just found the easiest way you can organize your lipsticks, book an appointment with your hair stylist and much more.


This app takes skincare to another level, offering dermatologist appointments through your phone virtually. After you have selected your preferred dermatologist through the app, users of the app can share their skin issues, photos and information via the app.

Whether you are suffering from acne or any other skin related rash, you can share photos or details about your condition immediately via the app. You receive a personalized skincare treatment plan and prescriptions within 24 hours if necessary. This virtual skincare consultation treatment plan can be assessed for $40 for people who would wish to skip a visit to their dermatologist.


When you upload your selfie, Visada analyzes your picture to create a customized comprehensive beauty profile. This app analyses your skin and eye care routine, giving you suggestions on how to enhance your beauty regime. For makeup and hair, the app provides product suggestions in given colors and shaded help you improve your beauty regime.

Beauty Apps

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

L’Oreal Makeup Genius app is taking all beauty lovers by storm. Now you don’t have to go visiting drugstores or makeup counters to try countless lipsticks of different shades! This app comes with a real time camera that lets you try different beauty products or shades all virtually! The camera functions as a mirror and lets you sample out different looks, letting you see the makeup on your face as you move. With this app, you can try different looks from cat eyes to pink blush.

With the help of your smartphones front camera, the app scans different point on the face to swipe perfectly on lipstick, eye shadow, lipstick and liner. Since it happens in real time, you can try testing each look at different angles, which is great!

Think Dirty

Before you start thinking otherwise, this app helps you determine how toxic your beauty products are. This is super idea, right? Because in most beauty products, finding the ingredient list is arduous.simply scan a products bar code or search the database by the name of the product. On a dirty meter, this app ranks its ingredients on a scale of one to ten while offering you better alternatives. Their library of ingredients isn’t extensive, but one can submit products that have not been reviewed for consideration.


According to a poll by, over 30% of women have so many beauty products to count in their makeup bag. This is where this app comes in. It keeps track of all your beauty care products as well as hair care products. It stores information such as when you bought an item and its quantity, then will anticipate when you are almost running low. It send you a reminder to replace or refill and you can buy or replace in the app through retailers such as Walmart and Sephora. And what more, this app pulls up coverage from over 30 magazines so you don’t have to miss out on any product review.

These modern day technology beauty apps make life easier for ladies. Every woman must have at least one of these!