Tips for Selling Comic Books


The comic industry has re-awakened in the last decade as a result of the production of remarkable new television programs and movies based on some comic book series. With the increase in popularity of comic books, so has their value increased. Here, we will discuss various ways in which any comic book enthusiast can identify valuable comics and how they can make extra cash from them. Where do you begin when you want to sell your comic books?


Know exactly where to go

You have two choices here: online or offline. If you can, try selling them in the real world. This way, people can see the condition in which your comic books are, and you will not be risking anything. Start with your local comic store. Most stock back issues and may be interested in what you already have to add to their collection. You can also turn to online sites such as eBay although you may be risking disappointment here. Some online stores such as Stanley Gibbons are also a great place to look at.

I remember when I was looking for my truck driver job, I send several of my truck driver resumes online. People discouraged me that I would be scammed but I ended up landing a very good job from one of the companies I had applied to online. So don’t be afraid to use online platforms to sell your comics, you may land a great client who will offer you awesome prices.

Take own photos

Often, people selling their comic books will turn to google for pictures. While the large collection is tempting, if you want buyers to take you seriously, more so when selling online, ensure you take your own photos. This means they are able to see exactly what you are selling and the condition they are in.

Give correct descriptions

To let your buyers know exactly what it is you are selling, give them the right descriptions. The right descriptions will enable buyers identify their favorite creators and also know that you have actually invested in them and not simply buying them and selling in bulk.

If you are selling on a bidding site, you will be given a specific number of characters in the heading that describe the comic, so be straight to the point to draw people’s attention. Be very careful with the spelling as well.

Separate the costly ones


Carry out some research and make two different piles of comics. The least expensive ones and the more costly ones. You might be surprised by how much worth your collection is! I was surprised that one of the ninja turtles comics I was selling at $3.50 was actually $45. What a huge difference!

Think about a job lot

There is no specific situation, but if you are searching for a way to get some quick money or you’re looking to create space fast, a job lot may be ideal.
This may mean selling a whole run of a title altogether, or maybe each issue you have ever purchased.

You could get anything from $50 for an entire title, or $350 for everything. But it could go either way if you don’t mind haggling.

Collecting comic books can be such a great hobby. Just be sure not all the books you collect will appreciate in value, but you can always feel great knowing you have a wonderful story to read.