Top 6 Web Browsers For Linux OS

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web browsersLinux was launched in 1991 and it immediately caught the attention of all the people in the software industry. I remember back then, my friend and I had just completed our college and we were looking for a job. I used to walk around carrying copies of my administrative assistant resumes and he always carried samples of his cna resumes. That was then when Linux was being launched and there was a lot of hype about it. What then is Linux? Linux is a very simple operating system that is similar to Unix. It is a favorite among ‘power users’ because the OS runs smoothly with very little glitches.
It’s no surprise that many developers have a keen interest in creating software for this platform. There have been so many web browsers for Linux users to choose from. Check out some of the most popular and good web browsers for Linux.


This dominates over all other windows web browsers, and it has taken the competition for other web browsers to a different level. This is the fastest web browser available on the platform. Its features like tab browsing, an option for syncing with other chrome browsers on different devices and a very responsive support, make it a favorite among many Linux consumers.


This is one of the oldest web browsers for the platform with a very huge and committed user base. Actually, a lot of Linux versions begin with Firefox on board as their default web browser. Its open sourced and it creates a framework for other web browsers to build upon, and release with other names.


Just as the name suggests, konqueror has been able to conquer most other Linux based web browsers. It depends on multiple rendering engines for it to operate fully. It comes with KHTML as a default setting but you can opt to download a separate Webkit version.


It is one of the most stable browsers on the Linux platform and also the most polished browsers around. It has many unique features such as search shortcuts, quick dial and trash can which enhance the user experience. Updating it regularly ensures that bugs are fixed immediately they appear.


One of the fastest browsers available for Linux operating system. It’s a very light browser and loads most websites very fast. Midori is a very simple WebKit-based browser. It does not come with lots of goodies such as extensions or plug-ins or any options of changing the feel and appearance of the browser.


This is a brilliant cross-platform browser that is very light but extremely fast. It very well built and it handles all its tasks very easily. Although it’s still being tested, its performance is beyond most other browsers on this platform.
Linux, which was once seen as a dead platform, has experienced a sudden upsurge in its user base with a lot of people going for it. This is quite true especially to businesses and corporate businesses that Prefer Linux OS over all other OSes because of its security features. This is bound to increase the number of applications and other software that will be developed to serve it. Indeed, it seems like brighter days are rising for the friendly penguin!